After a rest day was inserted today out of necessity, there will be more racing from tomorrow/Thursday - as was announced - in the BinckBank Tour. The town of Aalter eagerly accepted the organisation's proposal to have Thursday's stage start from there as well.

Originally, it was the intention for the third stage of this BinckBank Tour to start in Zeeland's Philippine on Thursday. Last night, the Dutch mayors of the starting and finish locations (including Philippine) decided to no longer allow the BinckBank Tour. The organisation immediately started searching for an alternative and found it in the planned arrival location, Aalter.

The College of Mayors and Aldermen of Aalter was delighted to accept the proposal to lap the scheduled local circuit seven times instead of three times, which means the stage would also start in the municipality. That gives us a stage of 145 km, in its entirety within Aalter's territory. As planned, the finish will be on the Europalaan, the starting shot will sound from its location next to the cemetery at 1pm.

Alderman Dirk De Smul: "We are working together with Golazo in organising a major cycling race for the seventh time this year. We love road racing here in Aalter. That is why we as College were able to immediately throw our weight behind the proposal of starting here tomorrow too and to ride the entire stage on our territory along the scheduled local circuit. Together with our events department and the local police services we will do our utmost - even under the current circumstances - to offer the perfect cycle racing experience. Our inhabitants can enjoy the experience too, but we will ensure that the safety measures are strictly complied with all along the course and that everybody maintains a safe distance from one another and wears a face mask."

"We are extremely grateful to the mayor, the College and the various Aalter services involved for their quick response and cooperation. It is thanks to them that the riders can start again tomorrow", says BinckBank Tour's spokesperson Gert Van Goolen. "In the meantime, we are also working on a nice alternative for the stage that was supposed to finish in Dutch Limburg. A final decision about that can be expected in the afternoon. The final stage on Saturday from Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve to Geraardsbergen, with finish on de Vesten, remains unchanged as had been planned."