The winner of the BinckBank Tour will receive a magnificent trophy created by Italian artist Daniele Scauso.

Daniele Scauso is an Italian metal artist who lives and works in Amsterdam and Rome. "I have always been surrounded by art", says Scauso. "My parents had a passion for art and have infected me with that bug. My main area of interest is how we evolve as human beings, especially when it comes to communication and how that changes between us."

The Binckbank Tour trophy will be a combination of the logo of the sponsor and the wheel. "First, I looked at the logo and saw a chain ring hanging in my studio. The logo had five arms and the ring had five holes. That quickly brought me to the combination of the logo as crankset, which I decided on in the end. As soon as I had combined those two elements in my head, I started on the handwork. Once it was ready, it was sent to the company that applies the chrome coating to the artwork."

Gold, silver and bronze are the logical choices of colour for the trophy. "I make something that will demand everybody's attention for a brief moment. That makes me very excited and proud. I have a few more years to go with this assignment, it's great!"