The winner of the 2019 BinckBank Tour will be the proud owner of a art piece, constructed by Italian artist Daniele Scauso.

Daniele Scauso is an Italian artist, working in Amsterdam en Rome. "I've always been around art", Scauso states. "My parents had a passion for art and for sure, they passed the bug to me. My main interest is ho w we evolve as human beings, especially related to communication and how it changes."

The trophy will be a fusion between the logo and a wheel. "I looked at the logo and saw a chain ring in my shop here. The logo has five arms and the ring five holes. That's how I came to the combination between the logo as the crank of a bike."
"I make something that will, for a small time, will be the centre of attention. That make me happy and proud. I still have a few years to go, so that's fun!